Drawing Now

Contemporary drawing Art fair Drawing Now,
Carreau du Temple, Paris, 28-31/03/2019.
Duo exhibition with Eirene Efstathiou, Irène Laub Gallery booth.

In addition to an artwork produced in 2017 for her exhibition Travelers and Strangers, Touristic route, the artworks presented at Drawing Now continue to explore issues of territory and displacement: border crossing (Walled Up) and their consequences (Mediterranean 2017 and Sahara 2017), the travel experience (Broken Memories, Long Journey, Long Night), and the discreet inscription of wars and disasters on landscapes (Invisible Scar 1, Invisible Scar 2).

Touristic Route
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Projet No Man Is An Island
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I'm in transit
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Long Journey (triptych)
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Mediterranean Sea 2017/Sahara 2017
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Invisible Scar 1 & 2
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Long Night (diptych)
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Walled up
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Archipels (Archipelagos)
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Lucile Bertrand - Drawing Now Lucile Bertrand - Projet No Man Is an Island Lucile Bertrand - I'm in Transit Lucile Bertrand - Long voyage Lucile Bertrand - Méditerranée 2017 Lucile Bertrand - Sahara 2017 Lucile Bertrand - Invisible Scar 1 Lucile Bertrand - Invisible Scar 2 Lucile Bertrand - Broken Memories Lucile Bertrand - Longue nuit Lucile Bertrand - Walled Up Lucile Bertrand - Archipels
01/12Lucile Bertrand - Drawing Now

Partial view, Irène Laub Gallery booth.
Photo Irène Laub Gallery

02/12Lucile Bertrand - Projet No Man Is an Island

Watercolor drawing
Projet No Man Is An Island

03/12Lucile Bertrand - I'm in Transit

Graphite drawing
I'm in transit

04/12Lucile Bertrand - Long voyage

Triptych Long voyage

05/12Lucile Bertrand - Méditerranée 2017

Mediterranean Sea 2017

06/12Lucile Bertrand - Sahara 2017

Sahara 2017

07/12Lucile Bertrand - Invisible Scar 1

Invisible Scar 1

08/12Lucile Bertrand - Invisible Scar 2

Invisible Scar 2

09/12Lucile Bertrand - Broken Memories

Broken Memories

10/12Lucile Bertrand - Longue nuit

Diptych Long Night

11/12Lucile Bertrand - Walled Up

Walled Up

12/12Lucile Bertrand - Archipels

Photo Irène Laub Gallery