Born in 1960 in France, Lucile Bertrand moved to New York in 1995 before settling in 2001 in Brussels, Belgium. She exhibits regularly in Europe, the US and Asia.

She usually splits her time and mind between large-scale site-specific installations and studio-made pieces. She works with a large range of materials, depending on what any projects will induce.

Her reflection and researches are often based on literature and philosophy. It's how she wanted to pay homage to writers through the use of video.

Her fist video, amnesia — on forgotten or hidden memories revived by writers, sometimes at the risk of their life —, has been conceived as an installation for her exhibition Do you remember?, in Brussels in 2014 and has been regularly shown ever since. She is currently working on her second video.

“The serious and destabilizing themes of wars and genocides have been conveyed regularly in Lucile Bertrand's visual art for several decades. Using objects, sculptures, drawings and installations — characterized by textual references, delicate materials and spatial agility — the artist consciously conveys the materialization and interrogation of terror and dignity denied in and by society. In 2014, for Do you remember?, she turns to video, exploiting the informative and emotional potential of this medium.”
Véronique Danneels, in exhibition catalogue
Do you Remember?, September 2014

Between lightness and heaviness, between flight and falling, Lucile Bertrand's work evokes immaterial elements such as wind and clouds, but also the fragility of life and absence in more dramatic occurrences. She has a preference for poor materials such as feathers, particles of dust, fabric, hair, or found objects. Soft and hard materials are regularly put in contrast to emphasize some fragility or increase the sense of danger.

“In today's society, beset by doubt and instability, Lucile Bertrand stands as an observer of the world and shares with us, through various images tinted bitter sweet, her personal vision of a kind of disorientation, a precarious balance that can, at any time, tip the course of things on an upward or downward pathway; leaving a sense of vertigo.”
Catherine Henkinet, in exhibition catalogue
Artists' duet: an exchange, January 2012