Temps suspendu

Temps suspendu (Suspended Time), 2020.

Painted metal structure, feathers, gauze, nylon threads.
180 cm (70.9 in) high x 45 cm (17.7) each side.

Enghien Biennale Miroirs III, De terre et de ciel, Belgium, 2020.

Temps suspendu (Suspended Time) was designed for the Chinese Pavilion, in the Enghien Park.

The walls of the Chinese Pavilion, decorated in stucco in 1743, already evoke globalization at work, with the circulation of people and goods, knowledge and cultures. The pandemic, which in this year 2020 has hit the planet, accelerated by excessive globalization, has literally suspended time, as well as exchanges of all kinds.

In the center of the pavilion, a sphere of white feathers with blurred contours floats in a fine cube-shaped structure, a world enclosed in a space that is nevertheless open.

Temps suspendu reminds us how much, despite all its beauty and mysteries, our world survives in an unstable balance, just as our knowledge and certainties are unstable and fragile. An invitation to slow down and dream.

1/5Lucile Bertrand - Temps suspendu

Temps suspendu
at the center of the Chinese Pavilion.

2/5Lucile Bertrand - Temps suspendu

Temps suspendu
with a view over the park.

3/5Lucile Bertrand - Temps suspendu
4/5Lucile Bertrand - Temps suspendu
5/5Lucile Bertrand - Temps suspendu