Vertige (Vertigo), 2012.

Three swings relied to motors by metallic cables.

Metal, wood, fabric, feathers, hair, light bulbs and others.
40 × 80 cm wide × 400 cm high.

Installation, exhibition Duo d'artistes : un échange (avec Mireille Henry), L'Iselp, Brussels, 2012.
With Jim Clayburgh and Michel Mandoux.

Like three whimsical metronomes, each structure sweeps the space at its own pace, dragging along materials that evoke flight as well as the passing of time.

1/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Three swings seen from above, Iselp.
Photo JJ Serol

2/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Three swings seen
from the mezzanine exhibition space.
Photo JJ Serol

3/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

View from the inferior exhibition space:
swings by Lucile Bertrand,
paintings and photographs by Mireille Henry.
Photo JJ Serol

4/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Swing with birds wings in front of motors
installed on the old mezzanine beam.
Photo JJ Serol

5/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Swing with birds wings seen from under.
Photo JJ Serol

6/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Detail of birds wings.
Photo JJ Serol

7/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Swing with hair.
Photo JJ Serol

8/8Lucile Bertrand - Vertigo

Swing with rubbles and light bulbs.
Photo JJ Serol