Sacs (Bags), 2015.

Blown glass, pigments.
Various sizes.
Glass blowing: Simon Muller,
Arcam Glass, Nantes, France.

Solo exhibition No Man Is An Island,
Keitelman Gallery, Brussels, 2016.

A bag is a priori a banal object, used daily, whether to cross town or the world. It is those who have traveled much that interest us here. The bags are wrinkled, exhausted, sometimes even collapsed. They have almost anthropomorphic forms, as if they had taken the shape of the body carrying them.

But the bags are made precious by the glass fragility as well as their contents: like a memory of landscape, or a feeling. Indeed, what is left when one had to leave everything behind? Almost every bag contains a trace of color evoking a wet or dry landscape, a light, a smell, an impalpable memory... They are each very unique.

01/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Exhibition view, Keitelman Gallery,
Silver Bag,
Ochre Yellow Bag,
and Amber Yellow Bag.
Photo D Libert

02/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Exhibition view, Keitelman Gallery,
Lees Red Bag,
Forest Green Bag,
and Amazon Green Bag.
Photo D Libert

03/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Forest Green Bag.

04/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Electric Blue Bag.

05/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Electric Blue Bag,

06/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Prussian Blue Bag.

07/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Prussian Blue Bag,

08/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Carmin Red Lying Bag.

09/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Carmin Red Lying Bag,

10/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Garnet Red Bag.

11/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Garnet Red Bag,

12/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Pink Bags (duet).

13/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Pink Bags (duet),

14/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Amber Yellow Bag.

15/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Amber Yellow Bag,

16/16Lucile Bertrand - Sacs

Collapsed Transparent Bag.