Mur de galets

Mur de galets (Shingle Wall), 2006.

Shingles of different colors and sizes.
1300 cm (43 ft) wide × 45 cm (18 in) thick
× 150 to 280 cm (5 to 9 ft) high.

Permanente installation,
Central Plaza, Brussels, 2006.

The wall is made of shingles of different colors, materials, and sizes placed into eleven wire-and-gauze-framed compartments. The contours made by the shingles in the compartments are irregular, echoing the architectural diversity of surrounding structures reflected in the glass panels of the Central Plaza building.

1/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall

View of wall from terrace.

2/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall

View of wall from street.

3/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall


4/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall


5/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall

View of wall between terrace and street.

6/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall


7/7Lucile Bertrand - Shingle Wall

Shingles against wire.