Market (in Sarajevo)

Market (in Sarajevo), 1998.

Wood, pigments, rubber.
2 tables, each: 90 × 120 × 90 cm (4 × 3 × 3 ft).
6 rubber pieces, each: approx. 30 × 50 cm (12 × 20 in).

Exhibition Onze, Galerie Exit 11,
Grand Leez, Belgium, 2011.

Solo exhibition Monographie Arts 00+4,
La Médiatine, Brussels, 2004.

Each rubber piece was carved out of one of the two tables.

Market was made in response to the conflicts in the Balkans, particularly those in Bosnia, where ethnic cleansing and displacement of civilians was commonplace. The title refers to a well-known event in which a central market in Sarajevo was shelled and the victims themselves were subsequently accused as the perpetrators.

1/3Lucile Bertrand - Market (in Sarajevo)

2/3Lucile Bertrand - Market (in Sarajevo)

Installation, La Médiatine.

3/3Lucile Bertrand - Market (in Sarajevo)