Descente de lit

Descente de lit (Bedside Rug), 2004.

Red fake fur, pink silk.
110 × 110 cm (43 × 43 in).

Exhibition International Women Artists Biennale,
Incheon, Seoul, 2009.

Solo exhibition Monographie Arts 00+4,
La Médiatine, Brussels, 2004.

Exhibition Le Petit Chaperon Rouge,
Archetype, Brussels, 2004.

Sometimes carpets are made from animal furs, perhaps wolf fur... here, the prey was Little Red Riding Hood, and she had such a beautiful pelt.

Lucile Bertrand - Bedside Rug Lucile Bertrand - Bedside Rug
1/2Lucile Bertrand - Bedside Rug

Exhibition view, La Médiatine.

2/2Lucile Bertrand - Bedside Rug

Exhibition view, Archetype.