amnesia, 2018-2014.

Video. Picture Format 16:9. Blu-Ray Audio Stereo.
Total time 52 mn. English subtitles.

Solo exhibition, Contretype gallery,
Center for contemporary photography, Brussels, 2018.

Solo exhibition Tu te souviens ?,
Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2014.

On one side of a vertically split screen, a succession of readers is presented, viewed from behind: a text is delivered in a multitude of languages testifying to a politically programmed or technically produced dehumanization. On the other side, a dancer/witness listens and reacts to what is being said in these various languages, to accents and rhythms, or to silences.

Touching on what may be considered history, but is not truly “past”, an enduring memory is updated in two ways — voice and body, neck and face — for which amnesia suggests the gathering, the distance, the failure and the persistency.

Conception, direction, photography: Lucile Bertrand
Filming and editing: Céline Gulekjian
Sound mix: Marc Doutrepont, EQuus
The woman who falls: Johanne Saunier
Lighting: Jim Clayburgh, Joji inc

The Blu-ray video is preferably projected on a large screen (between 250 to 300 cm/ 8 to 10 ft) for the dancer on the right screen may look more or less life-size.

Muriel Andrin, Nous qui n'entendons pas que l'on crie sans fin, in L'art même 77, 1st quarter 2019.
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1/4Lucile Bertrand - Amnesia


2/4Lucile Bertrand - Amnesia


3/4Lucile Bertrand - Amnesia


4/4Lucile Bertrand - Amnesia