Perpetratio, 2009.

20 pages with original collages + 15 silk paper pages.
Japanese binding.
Screen printed cover: 210 × 285 mm (8.3 × 11.2 in).
Canvas board box: 222 × 297 × 15 mm (8.7 × 11.7 in).
Edition with original collages + box:
5 copies numbered and signed.
Printed edition + collages:
30 copies numbered and signed.

Solo exhibition Almost,
het Labo Atrium, Tokyo, 2019.

Editions presentation, solo exhibition Sur le fil,
Keitelman Gallery, Brussels, 2012.

Acquisition of one original copy by the Royal Library of Belgium, Rare Books Collection, Brussels.

Perpetratio plays on the appearance of image and colour, and questions the meaning and manipulation of images. Initially, a colour photo found in 2007 in the German magazine Der Spiegel: three young women dressed in colourful loincloths, looking cheerful and smiling, are walking in a barren landscape. They are refugees from Darfur and venture outside their camp for firewood. This photo was reworked and transformed into a series of pictures with a narrative thread. However, each picture carries its own narration, which can be disrupted by the next picture. Finally, several possible narrations will have come to mind without getting to a genuine conclusion.

1/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio


2/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 3.

3/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 4.

4/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 6.

5/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 8.

6/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 10.

7/7Lucile Bertrand - Perpetratio

Page 13.