Question de perspective

Question de perspective (Matter of Perspective), 2016.

Pencil and felt pen on Steinbach paper 250 g/m².
73 × 110 cm (28.8 × 43.3 in).

Exhibition Cartographic Anxiety, Collective Hic Sunt,
Arondit contemporary art center, Paris, 2018.

Solo exhibition No Man Is An Island,
Keitelman Gallery, Brussels, 2016.

Depending on where one starts from, but, even more, from where one speaks, the language dedicated to movement induces different connotations. Here, words and expressions cross each others on reversed paths through a both mirrored and reversed satellite view's detail: “Expats” meet “Foreign workers” while “Au pairs” meet “Domestic workers”...

1/4Lucile Bertrand - Matter of Perspective

Question de perspective
(Matter of Perspective)

2/4Lucile Bertrand - Matter of Perspective


3/4Lucile Bertrand - Matter of Perspective


4/4Lucile Bertrand - Matter of Perspective