Un été trop chaud

Un été trop chaud
(A Very Hot Summer) — 2004.

Pencil on paper
12 × 21.4 cm (5 × 8.5 in).

Ink-jet reproduction, limited edition,
Archetype Gallery, Brussels, 2005.
30.6 × 20.5 cm (12 × 8.1 in).

Acquisition of one copy by the
Centre de la Gravure, La Louvière, Belgium.

When I discover dead insects that are still intact — mayflies, beetles, spiders — I carefully collect them to draw them. I am moved by the complex mechanics of these tiny and fragile bodies, by their brief and industrious lives... Drawing is my favorite tool both for observation and reflection, and my relationship with the beauty as with the violence of the world finds its expression both through the study of insects and of cities in rubble.

Lucile Bertrand - Un été trop chaud