Crumpled Worlds

Crumpled Worlds — 2012.

Porcelain, pigments.
100 pieces of various sizes.

Installation, exposition
Partager le sensible (Sharing the Sensitive),
Magasin de Papier, Mons, Belgium, 2013.

Installation, solo exhibition Sur le fil,
Keitelman Gallery, Brussels, 2012.

Private collections, Belgium.

The ensemble is composed of series of 3 to 4 pieces named after one of the biggest desert or river in the world. Made of extremely thin porcelain, the Crumpled Worlds seem to have been gently put against the wall — or to emerge from it — ready to disappear at any time. Some discreet touches of pigments in the folds illuminate them from inside.

Lucile Bertrand - Crumpled Worlds

Mural installation, Keitelman Gallery.

Lucile Bertrand - Crumpled Worlds

Série 1, Great Basin Desert.

Lucile Bertrand - Crumpled Worlds

Série 6, Sonora/Gila Desert.

Lucile Bertrand - Crumpled Worlds

Série 14, Yangyi Jiang River.